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Eagle Head Cabins are Astonishing

This was my second trip to Beautiful Alaska Eagle Head Resort and better than the first. Once again the professionals with Russell Fishing and Eagle Head Resort did not disappoint. Eagle Head cabins are astonishing.

Jerry was right there to help in every way. I met some new friends from Hawaii and I wish them the best with the recent fires down there. They all were VERY kind and great people to fish with. Memories I will cherish forever.

I also met a family from Texas that just melted my heart. Mom, Dad and three daughters. They were so eager to learn to fish and I enjoyed being part of their family, even if for a short time.

Jerry’s wife was a sweet soul, sitting in the sun on a fresh cut lawn, tying hooks for us to go catch salmon. Her heart was full just knowing we would be catching some fish with her rigs.

This trip, I was not as unseasoned as the first one and every fishing trip went smooth. We had one bump in the road and the Russell group smoothed it out right away. I just need to remember these are real people with real lives and things happen. We were their main priority and any issue is handled quickly to get us fishing. Russell fishing staff are awesome.

I went halibut fishing with Badger again this year and that is the best times for sure! I also took a couple of Salmon trips this time and I am upset that I did not take them the first trip. We had a blast! So exciting and guaranteed to keep a smile on your face.

I will be back for sure.